Suzuki Splash: vs Agila

Spot the difference

I've been running the Splash for four months and in all that time I've actually seen very few on the roads. More often than not, what I think is a Suzuki Splash is in fact a Vauxhall Agila.

That's not really a surprise of course. The Splash and Agila are a joint venture by Suzuki and Vauxhall and there is little to distinguish between the two cars at first glance. On the exterior there are minor things, but you really have to look hard. The front grille of the Agila is slightly bigger and the front fog lights are also a different shape.

There's little to distinguish the two from behind the wheel either. I recently drove an Agila and was hard pushed to find any real differences. They both drive almost exactly the same. The only thing I that I could tell apart was that the gearbox which seems much more refined in the Splash.

The biggest difference though is the price and the level of standard kit you get. The Splash comes with ESP stability control and air-conditioning as standard.  However, these are optional extras on the Agila with ESP costing an extra £445 and air-con - as i've mentioned before - will set you back a further £515.

To specify an Agila with the equivalent equipment to the Splash would cost an extra £1062 making the Splash the cheaper - and in my opinion - better option. 

Current mileage: 5842

Average mpg: 41.6