Suzuki Splash: Keeping cool

Air con as standard

With the summer months well under way and the temperatures frequently reaching 20 degrees plus, the little Splash seems to have suddenly turned into a rather large oven inside. It gets quite hot when driving - especially when sitting in traffic. 

The rising temperatures mean that I'm using the air conditioning more - although I'm usually happy with just the window open. But I've had people in the back complaining so I was worried that the air conditioning unit might not be particularly powerful.

Time to chill out

As I've said many times since the Suzuki arrived, it has really surpassed expectations. And it didn't let me down this time. As well as the driver and front passenger feeling the full force of the air con, the rear passengers were also happy once I'd turned up the fan and soon stopped moaning.

Even better is the fact that air con comes as standard on all Splash models. Considering the size and price of the car, it's a pleasant a surprise as many manufacturers charge extra for air con on small cars like this.

For instance, in the similarly priced Vauxhall Agila - the model the Splash is built alongside - buyers will have to pay an extra £515 just to keep cool in the summer.

Current mileage: 5509

Average mpg: 41.1