Suzuki Splash: Limited holiday room

Luggage room at a low

Before the Splash arrived I was already wary that the small size might be a problem when it came to having passengers in the back or a decent amount of luggage. It has already struggled on the odd occasion with a decent food shop, but the clever under floor storage came to the rescue and the Splash managed to just about cope.

The real challenge for the Splash came as I headed off to Berlin for a short holiday. This time the extra storage under the boot couldn't help.

Even though there were only two of us travelling to Gatwick Airport - and we were only going for four days - we had still managed to fill a suitcase between us along with a few bits of hand luggage. The suitcase was also not that big and had fitted in the back of a Hyundai i20 with ease, but I wasn't feeling too confident when it came to the Suzuki.

Compared to alternatives rivals like the Vauxhall Agila and Fiat Panda, the Splash has the smallest boot space at just 178 litres. This lack of space became quite apparent as I attempted to squeeze in the case and hand luggage in the boot.

Previously I had offered a lift to some friends, but as our luggage already filled the boot space up, I was glad they decided to make their own way to the airport. There would have been no room for them and their bags.

Current mileage: 4238

Average mpg: 42.0