Suzuki Splash: The first drive

How does it do on the road?

My initial reaction to the Splash wasn't great, but the journey home from work gave me my first chance to drive it and see if those impressions would change.

Heading home is only a short trip, but it's made up of a bit of A-road driving and plenty of built up traffic as I go through a village with everyone else making their way back from work.

The first thing I noticed just pulling out of the car park was the clutch on the Suzuki. It is quite high and makes pulling away not very easy on your first drive. It does take some getting used to. This meant that I would either shoot off with the engine revving loudly or end up stalling it - which happened quite a few times on the short trip.

Having got used to the clutch the Splash really excelled as I hit the usual queues of traffic. The 1.2-litre engine has enough zip to nip around cars and the light steering plus small size means it is perfect for tackling built-up roundabouts and tight bends.

Overall the Splash really impressed me in this driving environment and even made the journey less of a chore and more of a treat.

The real challenge will come when I get it out on the motorway and see if it can cope with the higher speeds and maybe even a bit of overtaking along the way. I'm off to Berlin in a few weeks so the longer trip to the airport should test out the Splash's true performance.

Current mileage: 3548

Average mpg: 46.9