Suzuki Splash: distance driving

Splash saves the day

The Splash has already proven its ability in congested traffic jams and nipping through the tight bends and roundabouts on the way home, but the real test for the Suzuki came during what could possibly be the worst day of travelling ever.

After an early - slightly hungover - flight from Berlin we reached the car park at Gatwick and headed back to my girlfriends flat in Kilburn in London. However, after arriving at the flat a panic soon began as her keys were nowhere to be found. After searching for over an hour we finally conceded that we would have to make the near five hour round-trip to Gloucester to pick up some spare keys.

This would be the longest trip I had done in the Splash and I seriously doubted how it would hold-up in terms of comfort and drive on the motorway, but as we made our way along the M4 - the longest stretch of the journey - these doubts slowly disappeared.

Splash excels expectations

In terms of comfort the Splash was excellent. The only problem was the need for a bit of a stretch after such a long drive, but the back support was really good and more importantly the actual seat was very comfortable - even my passenger didn't complain.

Drive-wise the Splash continues to impress. On this lengthy journey the Suzuki showed that not only can it handle city traffic, but it also copes well on longer journeys and performs well even at high speeds, happily cruising at 70mph.

12 hours after leaving Berlin we were finally in the flat with our feet up and my girlfriend no longer has a bad word to say about the Suzuki - I knew she would learn to love it in the end. The keys were eventually found, in our hotel in Berlin!

Current mileage: 4835

Average mpg: 41.0