Suzuki Splash: No Sat nav

No integrated option

For my journey from Kilburn to Gloucester and back, I was lucky enough to have a sat nav unit with me that I had borrowed from a friend. Our Splash doesn't have an integrated sat nav and it's not actually available on any Splash models.

There are some Suzuki models that have fully integrated sat nav systems including the Swift and Grand Vitara. These are quite pricey at £1,499, but do come with the full works including touch screen controls, a DVD player, Bluetooth and an MP3 connection. But is it really worth such a premium in a low cost car? 

The Splash does have the option of a portable system from Suzuki but this is still £229. The reason, says Suzuki, is that there isn't the demand.

Time to go shopping

Deciding that I definitely needed my own sat nav I headed out to see what I could get. I found plenty of different system from various companies for around £100 and in the end I opted for a Garmin which set me back just £99.89.

The Garmin comes with plenty of features. As well as British maps it has European mapping which will be handy for when I'm away on holiday. It also comes with safety camera warnings and live traffic news updates.

Being portable also means friends and family can borrow it if they need to. Add all this together and that's a lot for your money and much cheaper than manufacturer systems.

Current mileage: 5187

Average mpg: 37.8