Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Toyota has succeeded in making a plum and chocolate-coloured interior look tasteful, which pays testament to how well the iQ’s innovative and quirky style works.

The V-shaped centre console groups the heating functions together to remove clutter, while the audio controls are only located on the steering wheel for the same reason. A space-saving dashboard with a detachable glovebox allows the front passenger to sit further forward, freeing up room behind.

The large rear headrests can obscure the view out of the back window, but otherwise visibility is fine.

Toyota’s clever development results in a car with space-defying proportions – great news for passengers in the front as Toyota iQ comfort is surprisingly good. As the iQ uses its width so well on the inside, the two in the front are treated to excellent levels of elbow and shoulder room, plus headroom is good, even for taller drivers.

Most will find the rear seats cramped after a short time, while poor rear legroom behind the driver makes that seat suitable for young kids only.