Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

If you are familiar with modern Volvos, the interior of the C30 will be instantly recognisable, being very similar to the S40 and V50. There is the ‘floating’ centre console, which can be personalised with different finishes including a pattern version while the key slots into the dash by the wheel and there are two cup-holders in the divider between driver and passenger.

The interior design has clean, smooth lines and a very modern, fuss-free look.

Volvo C30 comfort levels are fairly good. All models, even the sporty R-Design ones, have a forgiving ride, making the C30 a good motorway cruiser, helped further by low wind and road noise levels. There are four seats rather than the usual five you’d expect, which obviously limits how many passengers you can carry, but on the plus side means there’s reasonable room for all on board, although elbow and legroom are on the tight side.

However, the back seats are angled so occupants can see out through the windscreen rather than having to stare at seat backs. The seats are also very comfortable – a Volvo strong point.