Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The understated and sophisticated image of the C70 continues in the cabin with a design that was a distinctly Swedish feel. It includes the floating central console that is feature on most Volvo models along with some very easy to use controls. The stereo is especially user-friendly. It can look a little drab in dark colours, but there’s a range of lighter colours available including a modern wood finish.

Quality is excellent and everything has a precise and robust feel to it, while the superb seats are great for long journeys, although they do lack support at the sides. Visibility is good, although extra care is needed when reversing with the roof up. Rear parking sensors are optional across the range.

The C70 will accommodate four adults without any complaint – roof up or down – which isn’t always the case in convertibles this size. A wind deflector can be chosen to reduce buffeting when two people are in the car, but with it fitted, the rear seats can’t be used. Roof-up, the C70 feels like a coupe, although headroom in the rear is compromised thanks to its tapering roofline.

Automatic climate control is standard, and the seats are supremely comfortable – a Volvo tradition. There’s also very little in they way of wind or tyre noise with the roof up.