Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The interior has a minimalist feel with clean, simple lines and subtle three-tone colour schemes. The slim centre console featured in other recent Volvo models appears here but with a design more suited to the upmarket interior of the S80.

Two different wood trim finishes (one traditional and one modern) or aluminium are available while the switches and controls have a stylish look and quality feel.

The steering wheel adjusts for reach and height so finding a comfortable driving position is straightforward.

Facelifted models from 2009 have revised dials with an aluminium finish and a new metal-effect finish if you choose a four-spoke steering wheel, giving it a more upmarket feel.

From 2013, the S80 adopts the TFT digital instrument panel from the Volvo V40. It can be toggled between three themed displays – Elegance, Eco and Performance.

Elegance is a conventional instrument layout, Eco adopts a green colour scheme and displays an ‘Eco meter’ showing current and accumulated fuel consumption, while Performance illuminates the instruments in red and replaces the speedometer with a rev counter scale, instead displaying the car’s speed digitally. A power meter shows how much engine power is available, a function designed to be useful for overtaking.

Always a traditional strength, Volvo S80 comfort is better than ever with its roomy interior able to accommodate five adults with ease.

There is plenty of rear leg room, even for taller passengers, automatic climate control is standard across the range, while heated and ventilated front seats plus heated rear seats are also available.

The seats themselves are exceptionally comfortable, although they do lack side support so it often feels like you’re sitting on them rather than in them.