Parkers overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 4.3
  • Supremely comfortable seats offer excellent adjustability
  • High-quality dashboard materials
  • Impressive infotainment screen and digital instrument display

The V90 Cross Country’s cabin design is similar to the pared back, minimalist layout debuted by Volvo on the XC90 SUV and is almost identical to regular V90 interior.

That means a tasteful balance of wood, leather and technology – with few actual buttons thrown in to spoil the defined lines. Almost everything – including the dual-zone climate control – is adjusted using the nine-inch central infotainment screen.

And as touchscreens go, it’s one of the best on the market. Slick and responsive, it’s often compared to an iPad in its appearance and ease of use.  The high-tech theme is continued when the driver looks forward, their eyes being met by a sharp and easy-to-read digital instrument display.

The seemingly infinitely-adjustable seats are the icing on the cake when it comes to sitting behind the wheel of the V90 Cross Country. Squashy yet supportive, they’re some of the most comfortable driver’s seats we’ve ever tried and should prove a major buying factor for potential customers.

  • All-round comfort levels are impressive
  • Optional air suspension irons out bumps in the road…
  • Still struggles when faced with larger potholes

In Cross Country spec the V90’s standard suspension setup is designed to be slightly more comfort-orientated than the regular trim levels, with an increased ride height and higher-profile tyres also adding more give.

In reality, the difference in comfort from the regular V90 is fairly minor, yet that still means an accomplished ride quality over most surfaces. That said, we’d still recommend the adaptive air suspension over its standard equivalent, the latter failing to iron out the last few ripples and bumps on imperfect road surfaces.

However, even with the trick adaptive air suspension the V90 Cross Country will still judder harshly through the odd large bump – falling behind the E-Class All Terrain in this respect.

The whisper quiet engines and supremely comfortable seats are carried over from the regular V90, as is the generous rear legroom.