What is LED headlamp technology?

  • How do LED headlamps work?
  • Do I need them fitted to my car?
  • Parkers explains the tech

LED headlamps are constructed using many small Light Emitting Diodes that consume a minimal amount of power and collectively produce a brighter beam than regular headlihgts.

How do LED headlamps work?

They provide sharp, focused rays of light – often brighter than those seen on halogen lamps. They also use very little power and often have an extremely long life span. The downside is their high production costs and levels of heat produced.

Do I need them?

LED headlamps often provide superior lighting quality, so if you often drive down unlit country roads then they may be a wise addition. Those who rarely drive at night however will seldom see the benefits compared to lesser products.

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Originally the preserve of more premium cars such as the Lexus NX and Jaguar XF, LED headlights have now made their way down to more common cars like the Ford Mondeo.

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