Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

As of yet EuroNCAP has yet to test Alfa Romeo 4C safety, and it’s limited sales run may mean it never will. However, there are at least two airbags – one for the driver the other for the passenger – to lessen any injuries in a serious impact.

And that carbon tub is stronger than it looks (it’s a material not only used for its incredibly light weight) so if it does all end up in a ditch off the road the car’s main structure around the occupants will do its best to protect them.

Before you get there though you’ll have to turn off the traction control, which when left to its own devices does its best to keep you on the tarmac. The neutral chassis balance means there’s no nasty handling surprises anyway.

If Alfa Romeo 4C practicality is at the top of your priority list, then we suggest you think again. While this car is eminently usable, even as an everyday vehicle, it will require some compromises from the owners and occupants. For a start there’s almost nowhere to stow anything in the cabin, the tiny leather pouch positioned behind and between the rear seats barely large enough for a wallet and mobile phone.

The same problem is just as apparent with the boot, which can in theory hold 110 litres of luggage, but soon fills up with just a couple of overnight bags – though that will be enough for weekends away. However since it’s so deep – and not very wide or long – you have to reach over the bodywork and down into it. It’ll be no good for grocery shopping either; the heat escaping from the engine bay in front enough to melt your ice cream in minutes.

There’s not really any shortage of room in the cabin, and those over six foot will still be able to get comfortable. That said, it’s not overly spacious and you feel close to both controls and any passengers carried, but the intimate feel of the cabin suits the car’s ethos.

Basic equipment

The basic equipment list includes equipment that is standard across all versions of the Alfa Romeo 4C (13-18).

  • ABS
  • Air conditioning
  • Alarm
  • Alloy wheels
  • Body coloured bumpers
  • Driver`s airbag
  • Electric mirrors
  • Front electric windows
  • Front fog lights
  • PAS
  • Passenger`s airbag
  • Remote locking
  • Sports seats
  • Steering wheel rake adjustment
  • Steering wheel reach adjustment
  • Traction control

Equipment by trim level

To view equipment options for a specific trim level, please select from the following list:

Equipment included on some trim levels
  • Cloth seat trim
  • Cruise control
  • Parking sensors
  • Partial leather seat trim

Standard Trim equipment

Standard Trim standard equipment
  • Cloth seat trim
  • Cruise control
  • Parking sensors
Standard Trim optional equipment
None available

Launch Edition equipment

Launch Edition standard equipment
  • Partial leather seat trim
Launch Edition optional equipment
  • Cloth seat trim
  • Cruise control
  • Parking sensors