Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2

Verdict Should you buy a Bentley Convertible GT?

Yes. If you can stomach the high list price and running costs there’s an argument for this big coupe being one of the most complete cars on the market, whether it’s as an opulent daily driver or for occasional long journeys.

If you want supreme refinement and maximum waft then the W12 version is as easy going as they come, with a potent side powered by 900Nm of torque. For a more brutishly sporty nature the V8 offers much of the same performance but with additional bluster and theatre from its eight cylinder engine.

Despite a two-tonne kerb weight it even handles tidily too – although smaller and lighter cars are undoubtedly more agile, the Bentley’s colossal grip and clever 48v anti-roll system means its mass rarely makes itself a nuisance.

Then there’s the interior quality, which is miles ahead of rivals like the Mercedes Benz S-Class, Aston Martin DB11 and Porsche Panamera. It’s not the cleanest or most futuristic look, granted, but there’s a strong offering of contemporary technology just below the classically styled facia.

If there’s one thing that typifies this best it’s the rotating infotainment screen – acknowledging the fact that Bentley drivers want the latest gadgets but don’t necessarily want them to dominate the cabin’s styling.

The attention to detail that goes into the diamond in diamond leather is something that may be easy to miss without a closer inspection, but you’ll certainly feel the benefit from the first time you sink into one of the armchair-like front seats.

This is a superb high-speed luxury GT. It is faster, more comfortable, more fun to drive and more luxurious than before. Performance is sensational. Its trump card, though, is the way it can combine super-sports performance, and luxury. No two-door car has a greater breadth of ability.