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Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

The Parkers verdict: BMW 1 SeriesShould you buy a BMW 1 Series?

Yes, and lots of you do, too. Given its decent finance options, and strong image, it’s no surprise that the BMW 1 Series has proven to be such a success. We love the way it drives, and that despite its ubiquity, it’s still very much an individual choice in a very crowded market sector.

’Excellent quality hatchback with some entertaining versions on offer. Frugal regular engines, plus M140i is the last of the rear-wheel drive hot hatchbacks.’

James Dennison

Practicality and family-friendly flexibility tend to dominate buyers’ choices in the small family car class, but the BMW 1 Series Sports Hatch is a much more individual proposition: it’s a driver’s car with a degree of functionality built-in. That means you do need to consider your priorities carefully before ordering one.  

For those on a budget, the 118i SE comes in with the cheapest list price, yet still delivers reasonable performance and drivability. Depending on yearly mileage, this could also be the best bet for company car drivers thanks to its 30% BIK rating. The equivalent 116d diesel version comes in at 30% BIK but returns superior fuel economy.

Meanwhile, the M140i is the obvious choice for performance fans thanks to its 340hp 3.0-litre straight-six engine. With the announcement that future BMW 1 Series won’t retain the unique (in a hatchback) rear-wheel drive layout, enthusiasts may want to get in quick if they’re after the current breed of BMW hot hatchback.

Discounts from BMW dealers are rare, even though this model is coming to the end of its life cycle. If you are lucky you might get a deal from a broker or car supermarket. Your best bet is to haggle and get a few options thrown in when you are with the franchise dealer. Be careful when you start ticking the option boxes as this could soon push the price of the car up – something you’re unlikely to recoup when you sell it.

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BMW M140i rear three-quarter view