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Parkers overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 4.3

 Should you buy a BMW X2?

Yes, if you're after a funky SUV that makes a statement, and you're not on a budget. It's quite a cool thing and a seriously polished product, but you certainly pay a premium for those of-the-moment SUV looks. Desirable xDrive20d versions cost as much as a Volkswagen Golf R hatchback, which also comes with all-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox, plus a bigger boot. The M35i model, while offering the same performance as the Golf, is substantially more expensive.

Those on a budget will appreciate the low running costs of the sDrive18d – its two-wheel drive and manual-gearbox availability means you can spend more of your cash on a decent trim level with a bit more equipment - at the very least Sport or M Sport if the budget allows. This diesel version is also a good choice for company car drivers thanks to low CO2, but considering the extra weight and power the xDrive20d is only marginally more polluting, and therefore worth a look.

'If you want thrills, then the X2 M35i is an intriguing alternative to the Audi SQ2, just if you can stomach the higher cost than many of its performance rivals.'
– Adam Binnie, new cars editor

And while this X2 is good to drive for an SUV, it's more of an ever-so-slightly lifted-up hatchback, and any implied off-road ability is sacrificed for on-road enjoyment that a BMW 1 Series could, rationally, do better. Thing is, there’s not a lot of point applying rationality to an emotionally-driven purchase like a new car, and viewed against its rivals alone, the X2 is really rather good, and very desirable indeed.

The only caveat we'd add is that if you're buying this as a family car, there are more versatile, more comfortable and more spacious options available to you. Not least BMW's own X1 - the more rational choice with greater rear space and a bigger boot. However, if your priorities are a car with a desirable badge, a high-quality interior and a hatchback-like drive, the X2 could be for you. 

BMW X2 xDrive 20d, blue