Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

The interior is more rounded and softer looking than in the original X5 – and feels even more sophisticated as a result with soft touch materials and an air of quality present throughout in all the controls and switches. The X5 has BMW’s iDrive system which controls climate, entertainment, communication and navigation functions (displayed on a screen in the centre of the dashboard) via a dial mounted on the centre console.

The driver’s seat has partial electric adjustment as standard, and visibility is very good.

BMW X5 comfort levels are excellent thanks to its roomy interior, however the optional third row of seats are best used as occasional seats or for children as legroom is tight. The ride is impressive though and despite the standard run-flat tyres (which can be used for a limited time at reduced speed even when punctured), it feels smooth and comfortable.

However the fairly stiff suspension can struggle over rough surfaces and bumps. The cabin is well insulated from outside noise sources though, while all engines are exceptionally refined, with little noise intrusion at constant speeds.