Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4
  • Dashboard similar to 3 Series
  • High-quality and a modern feel
  • Lots of tech available, good driving position

BMW Z4 M40i interior 2019

The Z4’s interior is a very similar design to the 3 Series saloon, and that’s only a good thing. You feel hunkered down in the sports seats with a high window-line and a cockpit that seems to wrap around you. Everything falls easily to hand, and interior quality is top-notch.

The media system is the latest iDrive 7.0 system with more connectivity options than ever, a large and crisp display and plenty of advanced technology available. It feels suitably premium with excellent quality and a refined feel to all the controls, making it an excellent long-distance cruiser as well as a car to take on a fun Sunday morning drive.

2019 BMW Z4 media system

There’s a choice of touchscreen, rotary iDrive controller or voice control to operate the media unit – we’ve found the rotary dial the easiest option, with shortcut keys around it to quickly get to different menus. You can also programme the bank of numbered buttons to do specific tasks such as navigate home, play your favourite radio station or call a particular contact.

One thing we’d niggle about is the fact that all of the buttons around the gearlever – the shortcut keys for the media system and the driving mode controls – are all sitting flush with the surface around them. While that’s pleasing aesthetically, until you learn them all by touch, you have to take your eyes of the road to locate them and give them a good prod.

We’ve also found BMW’s media system to be a little glitchy in places – mainly when connecting via Apple CarPlay, so it’s a good thing the regular connectivity options are slick to use.

Is it comfortable?

  • Excellent seats in the Z4
  • Comfortable but supportive
  • Rides well for a sports car, too

For a car that looks as sporty as it does, the Z4 is surprisingly comfortable – both in terms of the comfort of it seats and in the way it rides on the road.

Once you’re in, the Z4’s cabin cocoons you with a low-slung driving position and high windowline around you. The seats are impressively comfortable with leather standard on every model, a wide range of adjustment and good levels of support. For the greatest level of adjustability, we’d suggest specifying the Comfort Plus Package which adds electric adjustment for both seats, as well as adjustable lumbar support.

The Z4 rides surprisingly well too. You’d think a sporty roadster with large alloy wheels would result in an overly firm and fidgety ride, but it’s relaxing and composed, which makes it great for long distance journeys. It’s also refined – without too much road and wind noise being created from the fabric roof, while even with it lowered you sit low enough to be out of the wind. It also helps that heated seats are standard, and a heated steering wheel is available for colder winter days when you still want the roof down.