Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

This is where customers will notice the biggest difference between the 2008 CTS and the earlier model. The interior now looks like it belongs in an upmarket car – thanks in a large part to the hand cut and sewn leather trim.

The interior design, particularly in models equipped with satellite navigation, is innovative – the top third of the navigation screen displays other functions and sits flush with the top of the dashboard until it is needed, then it rises from the dashboard and shows full navigation map and instructions.

The materials used on the dash and centre console feel decent quality and the finish is good, but overall it still lacks the sophistication or sense of occasion of alternatives like the Jaguar XF.

Cadillac CTS comfort levels are pretty high. If you go for the more powerful engine, it will be the harder suspension setting that most noticeably affects comfort levels. It fidgets over rough surfaces and there’s considerable vibration through the cabin – not ideal for comfortable family travel. However the CTS will seat five adults reasonably comfortably (although there are a couple of roomier cars available at this sort of money) plus electronic climate control, cruise control, electric windows and electric door mirrors are all standard.