The best baby car seats

  • The best baby car seats on the market
  • Reviewed by Mother&Baby and real parent testers
  • Which car seats won the Mother&Baby Awards?
  • The best baby car seats on the market
  • Reviewed by Mother&Baby and real parent testers
  • Which car seats won the Mother&Baby Awards?

Buying a car seat for your baby is one of the biggest purchasing decisions you’ll make when you have a baby. Making sure you take your new bundle of joy home from hospital for the first time in the safest car seat possible is vitally important to any new parent.

Make sure you buy the best car seat for you and your new baby by checking out which models are ranked top by our sister publication, Mother&Baby.

Every year, the Mother&Baby Awards test hundreds of products with real parents, finding out which baby products you should be buying. Each car seat is tested in real life, going through the trials and tribulations that your own car seat will.

Here are the winning baby car seats from the latest Mother&Baby Awards 2017, split into Group 0+ car seats (for newborns) and Group 1+ car seats (which covers up to 12 years old).

The best Group 0+ car seats - Gold: Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus   

Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus - the best baby car seats

Price: £190

This is an i-Size seat suitable for use from birth until around 12 months. You’ll need the Maxi Cosi 2wayFix base for ISOFIX installation. It’s travel-system compatible. The straps are particularly easy to adjust, and there’s a cosy, supportive inlay that offers a comfortable fit and good lie-flat position.

The testers said:

‘The seat is lightweight which makes it easy to carry when holding an infant. And the best feature is that the straps can only be loosened when the harness is undone. In addition to being compatible with Maxi-Cosi prams it is also compatible with Quinny, Bugaboo and iCandy prams making it a good choice for anyone with these prams looking for an infant car seat. It’s great quality, from a reliable brand, and the features are well-thought-out.’

The best Group 0+ car seats - Silver: Simple Parenting Doona Infant Car Seat   

Doona Infant - best baby car seats

Price: £299.99

The Doona is the world’s first infant car seat with fully integrated wheels, switching from chair to pushchair in seconds. The system has four wheels that collapse under the seat base; when the wheels are released (with the push of a button – one hand holds the seat handle and the other releases the wheels) - hey presto! - you have a pram.

The testers said:

‘This product is ingenious - it solves the problem of needing a separate base to adapt the seat and turn it into a pushchair. We loved the way the wheels neatly fold away when the seat needs to be used in the car and the way the wheels unfold and the height of the handle adapts so easily to turn the seat into a usable pushchair.’

The best Group 0+ car seats - Bronze: Cybex Cloud Q Plus       

Cybex Cloud Q Plus - best baby car seats

Price: £240

The Cloud Q Plus is designed with the flattest possible lying angle between head, neck and chest, meaning babies can be transported comfortably and safely even on longer trips. The telescopic side-impact protection distributes the force of an impact away from the child.

The testers said:

‘The recline feature into a carry cot is really useful with small babies as when you're out and about it provides a secure and snug sleeping environment. The attention to detail in the this Cybex car seat’s design is second to none. The back support for small and premature babies was well thought through and the adjustable head height a brilliant feature. From a design perspective this outclasses all of the alternatives.’

The best Group 1+ car seats - Gold: Joie Every Stage    

Joie Every Stage - best baby car seats

Price: £279.99

The Joie Every Stage car seat takes your little one from birth to 36kg. Start your newborn off in the Every Stage as a rearward-facing seat, from birth to 18kg, then up to 36kg as a forward-facing seat. As your child grows, so does the seat - as the headrest raises, the sides expand to custom fit little ones.

The testers said:

‘We would recommend this car seat as it's just perfect, the design is amazing, the fabric is lovely and it's very easy to use. It's so quick to install into the car and the frame is not heavy to lift in and out of the car. This is an awful lot of car seat for your money, as it can be used for every stage of your child's car seat requirements from birth right through to 12 years old.’

The best Group 1+ car seats - Silver: Cybex Sirona Plus   

Cybex Sirona Plus - best baby car seats

Price: £400

Unlike other rear-facing rotational car seats, this Cybex car seat uses an impact shield rather than a harness in forward-facing mode. The 360deg rotation system means it's easy to get a child in and out of the seat and the adjustable Linear Side-impact Protection system increases the level of safety in a side-impact collision.

The testers said:

‘This Cybex car seat is well-designed, robust, adjustable and comes with a swivel feature that makes installation a breeze. The fabric is good quality – soft, stylish and durable, and the chair is comfortable. It is, however, ISOFIX-only, which is great – unless you don’t have an ISOFIX attachment system.’

The best Group 1+ car seats - Bronze: Axkid Apollo High-Back Booster 

Axkid Apollo High Back Booster - best baby car seats

Price: £125

Apollo is a forward-facing high-back booster seat. It features a hard, protective outer shell with adjustable side wings; there are seven headrest heights and three seat reclines available that will help your child find their comfiest position. The Apollo comes complete with armrests, a handy cupholder and padded seat covers.

The testers said:

‘The Axkid Apollo is a good, solid high-back booster, it feels very safe, it has a lovely finish to the cover which is removable for washing. The fabric doesn't mark easily and is easily spot cleaned too. The retractable ISOFIX connectors are a stand-out feature.’

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