The best car seat covers for tidy interiors

Whether you want seat covers for looks or strictly for function, the Parkers experts recommend a range of the best seat protectors.

Best car seat covers

Like cars themselves, the ideal type of car seat cover for you depends almost entirely on personal preference and circumstance.

As such, we have rounded up the category winners of best car seat covers. Below you will find the best leather car seat covers, waterproof seat covers, and best seat covers for vans to name but a few.

Whether you wish to simply protect the seat fabric or spice up your car’s interior, there will be a match for you here. We know that function and form are often mutually exclusive, but we have made sure that our favourite functional seat covers are aesthetically pleasing. Equally, our favourite stylish seat covers are well-made and will stand the test of time against wriggling bottoms and bouncy pets.

Which car seat cover is right for you?

This is totally down to what you need them for. Want to make the interior of your Toyota Land Cruiser even more durable? The heavy-duty waterproof ones will likely be your thing. But for making your Citroën C4 a little more homely, then the faux-sheepskin covers will probably be better suited.

Just be sure to check the seat covers you want will fit the seats in your car. It’s an easy mistake to make.

With regards to interior protection against pets, check out our article dedicated to the best dog car seat protectors.

The best car seat covers

Town and Country Covers Air Bag Compatible Seat Cover

Editor’s pick

Town and Country seat cover

Price: RRP £26.85 | VIEW OFFER

Town and Country Covers’ universal seat covers are durable, easy to fit, waterproof, and subtle. We’ve tested the universal airbag-compatible version and were thoroughly impressed. They really are a universal fit, and even have access for an armrest in case you’re using these covers in a van. Made from tough polyester, these seat covers wear very well. The only downside is that they aren’t exactly stylish, though they are subtle. Price above is for a single seat cover.

Totally Covers 2-Tone Car Seat Covers (Front)

Best covers for front seats

Totally Covers Front

Price: RRP £99.99 | VIEW OFFER

These guys are made from soft but durable cotton. In the ‘Universal Fit’, the covers cover the headrest, too, but for those of you who need separate headrest covers, alterations for side airbags, armrests and seat belt modifications, you can select the ‘Semi-custom Fit’. We like these because not only do you get the customisable options, but you also get to choose from 22 different colours. They have foam padding and are machine-washable for easy care.

Totally Covers 2-Tone Car Seat Covers (Full set)

Best full set

Totally Covers Full Set

Price: RRP £199.99 | VIEW OFFER

Naturally, if the set above was available in a full set, it would win the award for the best full set. It is and it has. It’s available in the same large colour range as above, and with its Universal or Semi-custom Fit options. However, the Semi-custom Fit with this set also includes the option to select what you need for folding seat splits (60/40, 50/50, for example).

Carseatcover-UK Knightsbridge Leather Look Seat Covers

Best leather seat covers

Carseatcoveruk front leather style

Price: RRP £25.99 | VIEW OFFER

Our favourite leather car seat covers aren’t actually leather. But these faux-leather seat covers are excellent for anyone after the leather style. Made in the UK, these are quilted for style, waterproof for practicality, and come in four colour options for variety.

Walser Seat Cover Hastings Red

Best budget car seat covers

Halfords Walser covers

Price: RRP £51.07 | VIEW OFFER

Granted, you can indeed find cheaper ones than this. But you will thank us if you elect to pay the few pounds extra for these. Made from durable polyester and PES (polyethersulfone, if you must know), this full set is machine washable and won’t fade. They are compatible with seats with side airbags and come with five headrest covers, too.

Shield Autocare Tartan Style Car Seat Covers

Best pattern

Shield Autocare covers

Price: RRP £29.99 | VIEW OFFER

Car seat covers that are full tartan are a bit much, but these VW Golf GTI-style tartan seats look brilliant. From Shield Autocare, these seat covers are still very functional. They are made from tough polyester with foam padding for comfort, plus the rear seat covers have zips for 50/50 or 60/40 split. On top of that, they are of tremendous value.

Carseatcover-UK Faux Fur Seat Covers

Best sheepskin seat covers

Faux fur car seat cover

Price: RRP £44.99 | VIEW OFFER

Like the leather seat covers above, these are not actually sheepskin, but synthetic. They are very fluffy and soft, which is what people look for in sheepskin seat covers. These are available in a range of colours and patterns, and are easily washable – easy care being one of the major benefits of going synthetic. Also, like the leather-style seat covers, these are made in the UK.

Carseatcover-UK Heavy Duty Black Waterproof Car Seat Covers

Best waterproof seat covers

Waterproof seat covers

Price: RRP £31.99 | VIEW OFFER

For the best seat protection, this your winner. This cover set is made in the UK from a rubber-lined waterproof fabric. They are a universal fit, meaning they are stretchy in order to fit a variety of seat sizes. There are many cheap pretenders that claim to be tough seat covers, but these are the real deal to protect against spills, stains, pets, tears, and whatever else is thrown into the car.

UK Custom Covers SC119B Van Seat Covers

Best van seat covers

UK Custom Covers Transit seat covers

Price: RRP £59.95 | VIEW OFFER

UK Custom Covers has a very apt name. It makes car, van, and boat covers specific to models, which is partly why its van covers are recommended by us. This particular set is specific to the Ford Transit Custom from 2013 onwards. The hardy fabric is fully waterproof, cotton-backed polyester. The covers fit like a dream and maintain access to all the storage compartments.

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