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Gtechniq GWash: Quick review

  • Gtechniq GWash shampoo tested
  • Concentrated and biodegradable
  • Very foamy and effective

Written by Chris Williams Published: 24 May 2022 Updated: 26 October 2023

When it comes to car cleaning products, Gtechniq paints itself as a car care brand with a clinical, scientific approach to car cleaning. Some of its protectants and sealants are a little complex but the GWash is a more familiar car shampoo that we’ve put to the test. 

At face value, GWash appears expensive compared to car shampoo such as Meguiar’s Gold Class. But GWash is far more concentrated. Meguiar’s Gold Class shampoo needs to be diluted at a rate of about 25ml per litre of water, but GWash can be diluted at around 1.3ml per litre. So for a standard 10-litre bucket, you’re only going to need about 13ml, perhaps a little more if the car is very grubby. 

GWash is also completely biodegradable and a very effective car shampoo. Our Citroen C1 test car bore a healthy layer of dirt, insects, and other muck. But after applying GWash, it didn’t any longer. Gtechniq says GWash works by generating a lot of foam, which ‘breaks the bond between the dirt film and your vehicle’s paintwork.’ It’s a fancy way of saying it gets foamy and removes the muck, which it does very well.  

Gtechniq GWash in use
Gtechniq GWash in use

Verdict: A foamy and effective car shampoo that is fully biodegradable. 

Score: 4.5/5 

Gtechniq GWash
Gtechniq GWash

Price: RRP £12.95 OFFER £12.95 | VIEW OFFER

Pros: Very effective, easy to apply, can be heavily diluted, biodegradable, pH neutral 

Cons: No timeframe given on biodegradability  


Volumes available: 500ml (priced above), 1L, 5L 
Biodegradable: Yes 
pH neutral: Yes 
Fragrance: Cherry 

Gtechniq GWash cleaning a car wheel
Gtechniq GWash cleaning a car wheel

What’s good? 

This is an extremely effective, foamy car shampoo. Whether you’ve applied snow foam beforehand or not, GWash still gets rid of all but the most stubborn of grim, such as tar spots. It also works reasonably well for cleaning wheels, though you will want iron fallout remover to give rims a deep clean. 

Being pH neutral is important. It means GWash won’t disturb any protective coatings previously applied. 

What’s okay?  

Fragrances are subjective, and while the cherry scent is mild, it might not be to everyone’s preference. We tend to suggest that the best option is fragrance-free. Though, we seem to be in the minority on this one because an awful lot of car shampoos contain a fragrance of some kind. 

Any negatives? 

While it is classed as biodegradable, it’s not readily biodegradable and care still needs to be taken with any runoff. You still need to adhere to your local rules about where car shampoo runoff needs to go. Similarly, it can still cause skin and eye irritation, so you need to be careful with application too. 

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How GWash was tested

Using a grubby Citroen C1 as a test car, Gtechniq GWash was applied and also compared directly to car shampoos from Autoglym and Autobead. This was to not only get an idea of how GWash performed on its own but also how is performed in comparison to a couple of rival products.

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