The best baby car seat blankets

Parkers helps you choose from the huge range of baby travel blankets on offer with our shortlist of highly rated options.

If you have a baby, one of two things you’ll want them to have on a car journey is a cosy blanket (the other is an entertainment device of some description – which will probably be a dummy or a jingly toy for the first few months). Naturally, baby car blankets has become a very specific field, with specialist blankets and fluffy footmuffs at the ready to pocket your little’un.

With a massive number of such products available, it’s a mission finding the gold in shingle. At Parkers we have created a shortlist of highly rated car and travel blankets for babies. That way, you can save yourself some valuable time.

The best baby car seat blankets are ones that incorporate holes for the seat belt or harness to fasten through; this allows your baby to be wrapped up warmly without worry that the blanket will fall off mid journey. A lot of these blankets also allow you to take your baby out of the car seat while still wrapped up inside the blanket – meaning a seamless journey from vehicle to crib or cot.

Parkers’ favourite car and travel blankets for babies



Price: RRP £44.99 | VIEW OFFER

This impressive design has handles, helping you to lift your baby out of the car seat without needing to disturb them. Result! Made from 100 per cent soft, natural cotton it has protective padding under the head and in the hood. You can be sure it’s safe too as the harness sits under the blanket rather than on top and it’s been car crash tested too.

• Easy to lift baby out of the car to the crib
• Range of designs available
• Good if you have back pain 

• None

ClevaMama Car Seat Footmuff


Price: RRP £27.99 | VIEW OFFER

One of our recommended footmuffs. On the inside, it’s lined with fleece, and on the outside it has a wind resistant and waterproof fabric. The footmuff’s front zip makes for easy access and the hood has a toggle to enclose your baby even more if you wish. There is anti-slip backing and a five-point adjustable harness to attach to car seats. Size when closed: 77cm x 37cm. 

• Inexpensive footmuff
• Good features 

• Bit warm for all year round

KURA Organic Baby Wrap

KURA Organics Organic Baby Wrap in Cinnamon

Price: RRP £60 | VIEW OFFER

Safety tested, this KURA wrap is made from 100 per cent GOTS certified organic cotton and is finished with coconut shell buttons. Poppers make for quick and easy fastening without disturbing your tot when wanting to keep them warm. Suitable from birth. There are some beautiful new colours – such as Cinnamon (pictured), Charcoal and Clay, in addition to the existing designs in Pebble, Sorbet and Sky stripes. 

• Gorgeous knitted design
Easy to use Velcro at the back
Super soft jersey inner

Some might find the buttons fiddly

Hooded Baby Car Seat Blanket


Price: RRP £26.99 | VIEW OFFER

A dedicated baby car blanket. At 90cm x 90cm, it’s a generous size, and there is a hood for extra cosiness. There are slits that allow for seat belts and comes in more than 20 available colours and patterns. It’s reversible too u2013 one side cotton, the other minky fleece. Intended for year-round use. 

Colour/pattern range
Dedicated car seat design 

Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for

Universal Footmuff

Gorger pram

Price: RRP £42.31 | VIEW OFFER

If you like designs that are a bit more fun, this may appeal. You get all the necessary features such as car seat harness compatibility, waterproof outer, fleece inner, and machine washable. However, it also comes in over a dozen cheerful patterns and colours. Suitable for up children up to two years old.

Colour/pattern range
Still very functional 

Not adjustable

BundleBean Footmuff

Bundlebean - GO Multi-use Footmuff - Use as Car Seat Cover or Pushchair Cover - Opens as Playmat - Universal Fit & Extends to Fit Newborn - 4yrs (Navy Flamingo)

Price: RRP £34.99 | VIEW OFFER

In a similar design to the above footmuffs, this one has a waterproof outer and fleece inner. Therefore you can use it beyond the car seat and outside in a pram too. However, this one isn’t enclosed. This footmuff fits over the car seat or pram and is held in place with elastic and Velcro straps. The size is adjustable too so it is suitable for those up to four years old. 

Three colour options
Adjustable size Versatile 

Not super cheap, but you get a quality product

7AM Enfant Footmuff

7am enfant

Price: RRP £160 | VIEW OFFER

For a footmuff that’s a bit more designer, there is this offering. There are six colours on offer ranging in price. The adjustable size makes it suitable for six months up to four years. Between the micro fleece inner and water resistant nylon outer, there is polyester insulation for extra warmth. The back has a removable anti-slip panel and allows connection to the five-point car seat harnesses. Otherwise, it can fit to prams too. 

Style Features
Great for winter 

Only good for winter

Wallaboo Baby Blanket

wallaboo baby

Price: RRP £39.99 | VIEW OFFER

This car seat blanket is held closed by Velcro and compatible with three and five-point harnesses, this blanket is very versatile. It also comes in three colour options: red, pink, or blue. 

Colour options
Polyester is recycled

Best suited only for colder months

Milky Way & Navy Minky Car Seat Blanket

milky way

Price: RRP £22.99 | VIEW OFFER

An alternative to the blanket above, in a classy dark blue. This car seat blanket is also held closed by Velcro. It’s also compatible with both three and five-pint seat belts too. The soft cotton makes it breathable.

Good value
Excellent colour 


Clair de Lune Cellular Baby Blanket

clair de lune

Price: RRP £7.48 | VIEW OFFER

Clair de Lune is a well-known name in the baby field. Its cotton travel blanket has a generic shape (90cm x 70cm), which makes it versatile beyond the car seat. The aforementioned cellular design helps add warmth too.


Not as warm as some of the others

The Little Green Sheep Organic Knitted Cellular Baby Blanket

the little green

Price: RRP £28.55 | VIEW OFFER

This certified organic cotton baby blanket is a versatile winner. At 75cm x 75cm, it’s a good size and the cellular design helps trap a layer of warm air to keep your baby warm. Being cotton, it’s very soft and easy to wash. 

Soft organic cotton 

Not a dedicated baby car seat blanket

The Tartan Blanket Co. Recycled Wool Blanket

tartan blanket

Price: RRP £42 | VIEW OFFER

One of our favourite recommendations isn’t a bona fide baby blanket. Instead, it is something far more versatile. Wool is superior to most natural fibres and certainly to all synthetic ones. This particular woollen blanket from a Scottish company in Edinburgh is made mostly from recycled wool, and the rest recycled fibres. Wool is breathable and temperature-regulating which means whoever is wrapped in it is neither too hot or cold; quality wool is very soft; it’s hypoallergenic; it keeps one warm even if it gets wet; and will last far longer as a blanket than alternative materials. Five optional patterns, 165cm x 72cm. 

Sustainable production
Natural and healthy 

Not a dedicated baby car seat blanket

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