The best car covers to keep your car safe from the elements

A cover will protect your car from rain, snow, bird droppings and cat paw prints. It’s the next best thing to renting a garage.

American car under a cover

If you’re not fortunate enough to have access to a garage or covered parking, you might be thinking of investing in a car cover. Maybe you own a classic or exotic sports car and you want to protect it on the days you’re not using it.

Whatever the reason, a good car cover will keep your car looking good for longer. Protection from rain and snow are the most obvious benefits, but a car cover will also shield your paintwork from the consequences of dust, bird droppings, cats, the sun’s ultraviolet rays and fallen leaves. It means that, when you come to use your car, it will be clean, dry and ready to go. Here are our favourite car covers.

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High end and packed with tech


Price: RRP £42.99 | VIEW OFFER

This fully breathable, yet 100% waterproof car cover will help keep anything unwanted off of your paintwork while allowing the underneath to breath and thus reduce the chance of rust / mould.

There are zips so that you can access the drivers door, straps for you to attach the cover to the front and rear wheels and also high visibility reflective strips along the front bumper and wing mirrors. These are great for if some one is parking near you at night time, for example.

The underneath has a soft cotton lining to protect your cars paint and the cover helps protect against the suns UV rays, rain, snow and and debris blown about by the wind.

+Breathable– Expensive
+ Zips for doors create easy access– One size does not fit all

Maypole 9861 Breathable Full Car Cover

Affordable and basic protection

Maypole 9861 Breathable Full Car Cover

Price: RRP £24.99 OFFER £22.98 | VIEW OFFER

The Maypole is one of the cheapest car covers you can buy. We wouldn’t recommend it for long-term use, but for basic protection, it’s just the job. There are four sizes available: small, medium, large and extra-large. From supermini to SUV, the Maypole 9861 has you covered.

It’s light enough to be fitted and removed on your own (not recommended in windy conditions!), while the adjustable straps will keep the cover locked down. It’s ideal for fending off showers and light rain, but you might need to look elsewhere for heavy-duty protection.

+ Very low price – A little basic
+ Lightweight– Only shower-proof

Halfords Tarpaulin

Heavy duty and multi purpose

Halfords Tarpaulin

Price: £12.99 | VIEW OFFER

As a more heavy duty option the Halfords Tarpaulin will not only cover your car but have a variety of uses around the garden / home.

While not breathable and custom made for cars like the other options on the list, if you need something to just cover your car in the short term, then this could be an option for you. Or, indeed, if you want one cover to work with multiple different car shapes and sizes.

+Heavy duty– Not specific to cars
+ Durable and tough

Cosmos 10366 Indoor Car Cover Medium, Red

Great buy

Cosmos 10366 Indoor Car Cover Medium, Red

Price: £42.99 | VIEW OFFER

The Cosmos indoor car cover proves that you don’t need to spend a small fortune for an indoor car cover. It’s light, making it easy to put on and remove, while the silky-smooth material prevents scratches. Multiple sizes are available, so the Cosmos is perfect for everything from an MGB to a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

It’s a super-soft fabric cover, so it’s not suitable for outdoor use, but if you’re after protection against dust, spiders and pets, this is an excellent (not to mention great value,) indoor cover.

Pros Cons
+ Protection against dust – Not suitable for outdoors
+ Superb value for money – Can be hard to tell front from back
+ Various sizes 

Zenoplige Car Windscreen Frost Cover

Editor’s Choice

Zenoplige Car Windscreen Frost Cover

Price: £17.99 | VIEW OFFER

Not everybody wants a full car cover. Some want to stop the windscreen from icing up on a frosty morning, which is where this Zenoplige product comes in. Unlike other windscreen covers, this one comes with two ‘ear’ covers to protect your door mirrors, along with an extension for the wipers.

Although it’s perfect for the winter, the cover can also protect against dust and UV rays in the summer. It comes with three magnets to firmly attach the cover to the car.

+ Cover the door mirrors – Magnets could be stronger
+ No more cold hands 
+ Suitable for summer and winter 

Car covers: what you need to know

Is a car cover the next best thing to storing a car in a garage? Well, yes, but there are a few things to consider before you stick your car in the automotive equivalent of a onesie.

First and foremost, the car should be clean and dry before it’s covered. Anything trapped beneath the cover could scratch the paintwork, while any lingering dampness could result in corrosion over time. At the very least, the cover should be removed on a fortnightly basis to make sure no water has leaked through. A damp car beneath a cover is potentially more damaging than a car left exposed to the elements.

A good fit is essential. Strong winds could get under a loose-fitting cover, which could result in damage to the cover or broken straps. You may end up needing a new cover, plus you also risk damage to the paintwork.

Where possible, park the car on a hard surface, as dampness rising from soil or grass could cause corrosion. If you intend to store the car for a long period of time, it’s worth considering a storage facility. Even the best car cover isn’t a substitute for dry and secure car storage. Once stored, you should consider buying a good indoor car cover.

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