The best H7 headlight bulbs for your car

Upgrade your beam with our favourite headlight bulbs.

The best h7 headlights

All headlight bulbs are basically the same right? Well, you’d be surprised just how many types of headlight there are and how they perform differently. Currently on the market, there are filaments. xenon bulbs, LEDs and even lasers. In fact, we’ve got a full guide to the different headlight bulbs available right here. Below, we’ll be tackling H7 headlight bulbs.

H7 headlight bulbs provide the light for your car’s low beams, so they’ll be the ones you use most often. They’ll also be the ones that’ll need replacing the quickest, so we’ve found the best examples for sale to help you find the right set for your car.

The best H7 headlight bulbs

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1. Philips RacingVision +150% H7 headlight bulb

Philips RacingVision +150% H7

Price £59.95 | VIEW OFFER

Philips has an excellent reputation for headlights and we’d recommend these bulbs above all else. The ‘RacingVision’ series offers 150% more brightness compared to other xenon bulbs and are fully road legal. While they’re not the longest lasting (200 hours), they are the best quality and will help make night time driving much safer.

Pros Cons
+ Great brightness  – Mediocre lifetime


2. Bosch Headlight Bulbs Pure Light H7

Bosch H7 (477) Pure Light headlight bulbs

Price £6.78 | VIEW OFFER

If you’re interested in excellent quality but don’t want to pay a premium price, these Bosch H7 bulbs will offer top quality at a very reasonable price. While they don’t have the same features as some of the pricier options here, they are fully road legal and will still offer enough brightness to be a safe purchase.

Pros Cons
+ Simple and affordable option  – Not the most advanced option
+ Good build quality  


3. Philips WhiteVision Xenon effect H7 Headlight Bulb

 Philips WhiteVision ultra H7

Price £19.97 | VIEW OFFER

Upgrade your headlights to a clear white look with these xenon-effect halogen H7 bulbs from Philips. The ‘Whitevision’ look is said to improve vision by up to 60% and is fully road legal to fit to your car.

Pros Cons
+ Safe and stylish white light  – Not as white as some people want


4. OSRAM XENARC ULTRA LIFE D3S HID Xenon discharge bulb

OSRAM XENARC ULTRA LIFE D3S HID Xenon discharge bulb,

Price £114.55 | VIEW OFFER

If your car comes from the factory with xenon lights and you’re wanting an upgrade, you can buy new H7 xenon lightbulbs like this offering from OSRAM. These bright bulbs come with a 10-year warranty and are fully road legal units which should be good for up to 186,000 miles before breaking.

Pros Cons
+ 10-year warranty  – Annoying process to get warranty validated
+ Fits xenon (HID) headlights  


5. H7 477 Car Headlight Bulb Halfords

H7 477 Car Headlight Bulb Halfords

Price £6.29 | VIEW OFFER

Good value and long-lasting, these headlight bulbs from Halfords may not be as advanced as other options but they are very good value for money.They’re fully road legal, suitable for use in 12V vehicles and these bulbs can be used in plastic headlamp units. Halfords will even fit them for you if you give them a bit more money.

Pros Cons
+ Good value for money  – Not as powerful as other lightbulbs
+ Long-lasting  




RRP £17.60 now 15.43 | VIEW OFFER

If you’re wanting to look like you own fancy xenon headlights but are stuck with plain old halogen filaments then some faux xenons might be tempting. These H7 bulbs from OSRAM look like xenon units and offer a legally approved blue colour as well as increased brightness.

Pros Cons
+ Xenon look  – Limited lifetime


What you need to know about H7 headlight bulbs

Can I change the bulbs myself?

You will be able to change the bulbs yourself but the complexity depends entirely on what car you drive. On some cars, it’s very easy while others are considerably more difficult. For example, some Renault Megane models require you to take off the entire bumper, some Fiat Punto models simply require the removal of a rubber seal.

In terms of tools all you should need is a set of screwdrivers and a socket set. A basic toolset should be sufficient.

How do I change my H7 bulbs myself?

If you want to change your headlight bulbs yourself then we’ve made a handy guide to help what can quickly become an irritating experience:

• Each car is different, but usually you access the bulb from the engine bay without removing the headlight.

• There should be a plastic panel on the rear of the headlight unit that you need to remove in order to access the bulbs. Find the bulb you want to replace (H7 in this case) and carefully remove the old bulb from its housing.

• Put on some gloves and take your new bulb out of its packaging (the oil on your hands may blow it immediately) and carefully insert it in the correct location.

• Reattach the plastic panel and give your new bulbs a test, by enlisting the help of a friend to check they’re working, or by simply walking around the front of the car and having a look yourself.


What headlights does my car use?

This should usually be listed in your vehicle’s handbook but if not there are ways to find out. Amazon Garage allows you to add your car and filter items that will fit it. This not only works for headlights but also for other parts including wiper blades and pollen filters for pretty much any production vehicle. A similar service is also offered by Halfords.

Can I upgrade my headlight bulbs?

Upgrading your headlights is a rather complicated affair. If your car came from the factory with filament bulbs then there is nothing wrong with choosing a better filament option for your car but you cannot upgrade to an LED or laser option by law. The same is the case for xenon lights.

If your car has LED or laser lights then you’ll be needing your local garage to change them should they fail. This is because of complexity and the fact legislation has yet to catch up with testing aftermarket options for LED and laser lights.


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