Parkers picks the best rain repellents for cars

British rain making grubby streaks on a windscreen makes for unnerving driving. A good rain repellent for cars helps mitigate this issue.

Rain on a windscreen

Given Britain’s famously moist weather, driving around in the wet is something we’re all used to. But driving in damp and rainy conditions with blurred, smeared and dirty windscreens can be very dangerous.

Obviously, some effective windscreen wipers go a long way in avoiding this problem. But on top of that, you should consider an effective rain repellent for you car, in order to keep its windows even clearer.

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What is a rain repellent?

A rain repellent is a solution you apply to a car’s glass and/or bodywork. It creates a clear, non-stick and hydrophobic layer that makes it harder for substances to adhere to a vehicle’s exterior. They don’t last indefinitely, the longevity varies enormously depending on the product. Sometimes they last weeks, sometimes months, sometimes even years.

Some people claim that rain repellents can be hydrophobic but smear glass, somewhat obscuring visibility in dry, sunny or low-light conditions. Some products are guilty of this, but some avoid it, which is why choosing the correct product is essential. This is where your guides at Parkers step in.

The best rain repellents for car glass

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Rain X Rain Repellent and Glass Cleaner 500ml

Popular choice

 Rain X Rain

Price: RRP £7.99 OFFER £4.99 | VIEW OFFER

Rain-X is the go-to brand in this neck of the woods. Its 2-in-1 glass cleaner and rain repellent simultaneously keeps windscreens and windows residue and streak-free. To apply, you simply spray directly onto the glass and wipe with a microfibre cloth. While it works vey well, it will be only for a few weeks. You can opt for wipes instead of a spray, if you wish.

Pros Cons
+ Effective  – Doesn’t last that long
+ Affordable

Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant 118ml

Best non-spray

Meguiar's Perfect Clarity

Price: RRP £13.52 OFFER £12.99 | VIEW OFFER

This is a sealant you apply to freshly cleaned and dried glass. You put a little of the solution on the pad provided and cover the pane of glass; leave it for ten minutes and wipe off the excess with a damp microfibre towel. Meguiar’s suggests a second coat for ‘best results’.

Pros Cons
+ Very hydrophobic  – An extra car cleaning step
+ Long-lasting

Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass


Gtechniq G1 ClearVision

Price: £34.69 | VIEW OFFER

Gtechniq talks about its G1 products having a superior adhesion to glass than its competitors, thanks to impressive chemical bonding. It certainly works and the ‘lasts up to 20,000 miles’ claim is legitimate. However, the catch is you need to set aside some time to apply it. For best results, you ought to apply three coats – first in a circular motion, second horizontally, third vertically – to the windscreen followed by the G2 residue remover (supplied). It’s a bit of a faff, but considering it’s once in a blue moon, it’s worthwhile.

Pros Cons
+ Longevity  – Bit of a process to apply
+ Comes in 15ml for windscreens or 100ml for all windows

Totally Essential Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Screenwash with Rain Repellent 5L Concentrate

Best screenwash with rain repellent

Totally Essential Eco-Friendly Screenwash

Price: £28.99 | VIEW OFFER

If applying a dedicated rain repellent doesn’t take your fancy, instead you can top up your car’s washer bottle with some screen wash with rain repellent in it. You might as well since screenwash needs topping up every so often anyway. Don’t expect this to be as good as the products above, but it’s still very effective.

Pros Cons
+ Time-saving  – Not as effective as dedicated rain repellents
+ Five litre concentrate equals good value


The best rain repellents for car bodywork

Gtechniq EXOv4


Gtechniq EXOv4

Price: RRP £49.99 OFFER £39.81 | VIEW OFFER

Like the Gtechniq windscreen and window product above, this is a hydrophobic coating. The difference of course is that this is for bodywork. You apply it in a similar way too: wet the application pad and rub on to the surface, one panel at a time before buffing with a microfibre cloth after a couple of minutes. For best results do two coats. Comes in 30ml or 50ml bottles and lasts for a remarkable maximum of 24 months.

Pros Cons
+ Fantastic durability  – A bit time consuming to apply
+ Equally impressive water and dirt repellency

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating Kit

Durable two-step ceramic coating

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic

Price: RRP £59.99 OFFER £51.48 | VIEW OFFER

Ceramic polymer coating on cars provides fantastic long-lasting water repellency and protection from UV, acidic substances like bird poo, and light scratches. It also helps protect a previously applied polish. This two-stage kit from Autoglym is one of the top ceramic coatings out there. The preparation solution removes any old wax or other protectants on the car’s surface, and the ceramic coating provides the protection – up to 12 months.

Pros Cons
+ Effectiveness  – Takes time to apply
+ Longevity

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Car Spray Wax 680ml

Graphene-infused spray

Turtle Wax Hybrid Pro Flex Car Spray

Price: £22.50 | VIEW OFFER

This is a new all-surface protectant for cars. In regard to ceramic coatings, this is graphene-infused, which another step up. Said graphene-infusion creates a hardy polymer coating that provides not only great water repellency, but also UV protection. This can be applied on all exterior materials including glass, headlights, and wheels.

Pros Cons
+ Lasts up to a year  – Price
+ Quick spray

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