Parkers Awards 2020 - Car of the Year Winner

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Parkers Car of the Year 2020 - Tesla Model 3


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Winning more categories than any single model previously, the Parkers 2020 Car of the Year is also the Parkers Electric Car of the Year and Company Car of the Year, and it takes the Best Safety Award for the most complete implementation of driver assistance available in the UK. The Model 3’s clean-sheet approach not only achieves reduced emissions overall, but also within its immediate environment. A new approach to interior design and interaction creates a relaxing environment, and genuinely usable autonomous driving modes take the human stress out of congestion and monotonous, constant-speed motorway driving.

None of this would be possible without a support network that allows drivers to step away from the flammable and oil-stained forecourt of fossil fuels. We’re under no delusion that electricity is clean and without an environmental cost, but it has the potential to be sustainable and reduce emissions overall, something that the petrochemical energy industry simply can’t achieve. Tesla’s immense investment in Superchargers, home powerbanks, solar tiles and other supporting technologies make the Model 3 part of an ecosystem that has the goal of minimising the damage caused to the world’s ecosystems contributed to by more than a century of motoring.

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