Parkers Awards 2020 - New-Car Finance of the Year Winner

Best New Car Finance Award in partnership with…Mustard insurance


More than 90% of new cars are bought or leased via some kind of finance. And only 56% of people truly understand what a proper PCP deal is. Lots of people then, seem a bit confused by car finance. Which is why we are celebrating car manufacturers that have brought us simple to use and understand deals, which are also great value. Renault’s 0% APR deals are just the ticket.

New-Car Finance of the Year 2020


Sensible sells. And Renault has completely sold us on its sensible meets scintillating finance deals. That’s because Renault offers a 0% finance deal, whether that be via PCP or HP, on nearly all of its cars. 0% APR is a simple concept to understand, and offering it on a broad range of cars, with sensible terms and conditions attached is what puts it above the rest. No deposit offers on some cars sweeten the deal, while £229 per month for the sophisticated Renault Megane R.S. is also bargain of the year for us.


Runners up

Audi new car finance


Like Renault above, Audi's offering of simplicity has unlocked a good result here. Leasing is the simplest form of car finance, and Audi's in-house leasing deals are good value and easy to understand. Leasing is offered on a variety of cars, and unlike some manufacturers, have sensible mileage limits attached too. Yes, not every possible spec is represented, but there's no denying that an Audi A5 Coupe for £269 per month is a tempting proposition.

Tesla new car finance


Not only has Tesla dipped into the pool of PCP finance, it has also started offering free supercharging for its Model S and Model X. Obviously there are numerous and large caveats to this. But if you're big mileage driver, and live close a supercharger, you may never need to spend money on 'fuelling' your car. Tesla reckons that on a typical-ish five-year ownership proposition, a person can save £6,300 in petrol costs alone. Although you might end up spending all of that on McDonald's while you wait for your car to charge...