Parkers Awards 2020 - Used Car of the Year Winner

Millions of people search for their next used car. And from the most popular, we’ve sifted out the very best secondhand cars you can buy now. Cars are more reliable and better built than ever before, so value for money and low running costs mean more now than ever before. Depending on budget and your lifestyle, choosing any one of our shortlisted threesome would be a very wise move.

Used Car of the Year 2020

FORD FIESTA (2008-2017)

Britain's best-selling new car - the Ford Fiesta - is also Parkers' Best Used Car 2020. Introduced in 2008, it set new standards for quality and refinement, and over nine years built a proven track record of reliability and consistent residuals. Low maintenance costs with plenty of dealers ensure the Fiesta's good value goes beyond mere purchase price - and perhaps most important of all, an inherent feel-good attitude that covers the whole range, from entry-level to the award-winning ST. No matter what your budget, the Fiesta is more than a safe buy - it's a satisfying car to own, and that makes it our Used Car of the Year for the second year running.

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Runners up

Range Rover Evoque used car


The Range Rover Evoque is proving to be one of the hottest used-car tickets in town right now. That's because it has a rock-solid image, commands strong used prices, looks great and makes you feel good when driving it. A fine driving position, decent performance and modest running costs simply add to its appeal. Although the oldest examples are getting on a bit now, they still look fresh and interesting. Reliability isn't the best by any means, but buyers genuinely don't seem to mind as long as the dealers continue to look after them.

BMW 1 Series used car

BMW 1 SERIES (2011-2019)

The BMW 1 Series has just moved into its third generation, but that does not mean that the last one ceases to be a desirable car. In fact, to many enthusiasts, this 1 Series is the best of the breed, as it packs driver technology and safety kit, but retains the traditional rear-wheel drive layout that makes larger BMWs such a pleasure to drive. It's a consistently popular car in Parkers Cars For Sale, is well-made and reliable, and having driven many examples over the years, the Parkers team can understand why so many of you love these cars.