New-Car Finance of the Year 2021: Vauxhall

Best New Car Finance Award in partnership with…Mustard insurance


More than 90% of new cars are bought or leased via some kind of finance. And only 56% of people truly understand what a proper PCP deal is. Lots of people then, seem a bit confused by car finance. Which is why we are celebrating car manufacturers that have brought us deals that are simple-to-use and understand, which are also great value. Vauxhall is top of the tree for offering zero-rated finance on no-deposit deals.

Best new car finance - Vauxhall


No deposit and 0% APR are two of the biggest-hitting finance deals in the business, and Vauxhall has skilfully applied both across its car and van range in addition to the option for customers to pay £0 for the first three months of the finance agreement. This combination is something rarely offered by car manufacturers and explains both why the Corsa is a bestselling car, and why it takes this important award. The firm has also kept up with these uncertain times by offering the option of taking a three-month payment holiday, plus, there’s a job-loss waiver payment. This allows customers to waive up to six monthly payments if they suffer involuntary redundancy.



Best car finance - Renault


Sensible sells. Last year’s winner makes it to the podium again for many reasons, most notably because Renault still knows its way around a deal. The biggest thing to write home about is Renault’s continued use of 0% APR deals – nearly all its cars are offered with 0% APR deals. Renault is also good for offering 0% APR deals on bog-standard cars too, not something every manufacturer does.

Best car finance - Volvo


Like Vauxhall and Renault, Volvo offers 0% APR deals. What makes this different is the fact that Volvo brings 0% APR deals to the premium market, helping bring the Swedish firm’s excellent waftmobiles to a whole new clientele. Deposit contributions are rife – with big money off for the more expensive models. And Volvo’s novel subscription service, Care by Volvo has also gone national. It allows users to rent a Volvo car, and pay for servicing, MoT, roadside assistance and more, in one monthly payment.