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Best Seven-Seater 2021: SEAT Tarraco

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With two or more children, maybe one or two of their friends, plus the grandparents, the practical benefits of a seven-seater car are clear. But there’s no reason why you should be landed with an old-school beast of burden that's dull to drive and stripped of equipment if you’re looking to haul people and their luggage. The car that fits that bill the best? The SEAT Tarraco – our 2021 Seven-Seater of the Year.

Written by Keith Adams Published: 26 October 2020 Updated: 26 October 2020

Best seven-seater car - SEAT Tarraco
Best seven-seater car - SEAT Tarraco


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The impressively affordable SEAT Tarraco is our Best Seven-Seater for 2021 thanks to its great-value finance, generous equipment and overall value for money. But don’t think that this is a car recommended on purely rational grounds – the Tarraco is excellent to drive, with keen steering and handling, and sprightly performance from the more powerful models in the range. So, it’s a good SUV, but it’s also a highly competent seven-seater – and although it lacks some of the legroom in the rear row that you get in the other models on this list, it does cost a fraction of the amount, and therefore takes a well-deserved win.

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BMW X7 seven seater


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Given the continued rise of SUV sales and buyers’ seemingly insatiable appetite for upmarket brands, it’s no surprise that two decades after BMW entered the 4×4 arena, it has now topped its offering with the gargantuan X7. Seven comfortable, adult-sized seats come as standard in this plush SUV that handles with remarkable agility that belies its enormity. Cheap it isn’t, but you’re rewarded with high quality fixtures and fittings as well as a slew of contemporary technology to keep you and your passengers safe.

2021 Volvo XC90


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The Volvo XC90 has been on sale for five years , but it still looks fresh and up-to date. For 2020, it’s been mildly facelifted with updated safety equipment and driver tech, but leaving its handsome looks rightly unchanged. It’s an easy car to drive, effortless and comfortable, with a wide range of petrol, diesel and mild-hybrid options, as well as tax-efficient plug-in hybrids. The interior is luxurious and you’ll enjoy spending time there, while the rear-most row of seats is roomy enough for most adults and not too difficult to get into.