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Best Fun Car | Parkers New Car Awards 2024

Best Fun Car Award in partnership with CAR…

Acceleration. Handling. Soundtrack. You'll love how our favourite Fun Car makes you feel on your favourite stretch of road. From our shortlisted threesome, there was one clear winner – the Alpine A110 has been around for a few years, but its latest facelift has sharpened it up enough to nose it ahead of some very impressive runners-up.

Written by Keith Adams Published: 13 November 2023 Updated: 13 November 2023

Alpine A110

Alpine A110 review (2023)

Is there a better new car that sums up the spirit of the best fun car than the Alpine A110? We’ll wait… That’s why it’s a multiple winner. The A110’s advantage is low weight – it’s far lighter than the majority of sports cars out there so it wrings surprising performance out of its 1.8-litre engine. It’s not even that thirsty, making an early morning blast for the hell of it less of a financial burden than in most rivals. 

But you don’t choose a car like this for the sensible stuff. It’s how it deals with the twisty stuff that really matters. The Alpine A110 excels in this area with steering that’s always streaming little messages to your fingertips, surprising compliance over challenging surfaces and an addictively adjustable handling balance.  

You don’t have to push as hard or travel as fast as you would in a Porsche Cayman to feel like you’re involved in the driving experience. Don’t get us wrong the A110 is anything but slow, but its narrower tyres and lesser heft means you can enjoy it more at saner speeds. The best news of all, though, is the Alpine A110 is best when you keep it simple and buy the entry-level model – don’t buy an S or an R if you want to experience this car at its best. 

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How much is it to insure?

Based on a 43-year-old male the Alpine A110 would cost £728.00 to insure.

*Insurance quotes are from and are based on a 43-year-old, employed married male living in Stowmarket with nine-years’ NCD and no claims or convictions. Insurance quotes will vary depending on individual circumstances.



If you’re looking for a compact performance car with enthusiast appeal and impressive performance credentials, the new BMW M2 is an excellent choice. It’s quick, it handles superbly, and it feels engaging and exciting to drive. And, pleasingly, you can still couple its slick straight-six engine to a manual transmission, if that’s what you’d ultimately prefer.

There’s more to it than just its handling and straight-line speed, though; BMW’s compact performance coupe manages to be quiet and comfortable when you’re not pushing on, meaning it can do double duty as both a cruiser and a bruiser. It is admittedly not quite as evocative or raw as the previous M2, though, and its high price will be a stumbling block for some.

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Ford Ranger Raptor

Best fun car is a pickup? It nearly was. New for 2023, the second-generation Raptor was massively enhanced by a powerful V6 petrol engine, a host of completely over-the-top suspension upgrades and a more luxurious cabin. Now, it’s closer than ever to a trophy truck when you’re driving off-road, but it also improves on the previous model’s famed comfort levels on the tarmac.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance, though. The Raptor is not a workhorse. That fancy off-road suspension severely limits its carrying capacity and that posh leather-lined interior wasn’t designed to spend its life covered in cement dust and paint. This is an aspirational vehicle designed for lifestyle buyers who don’t mind attracting attention wherever they go. And we can’t help but love it.

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