What is My Toyota financial service?

  • My Toyota service explained
  • Including the My Finance portal and app
  • Arrived in the UK in 2016

2020 Toyota Yaris

If you've recently signed up to a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP) agreement with Toyota Finance, you'll have likely read about My Toyota. 

Toyota's portal for car payments is called My Finance, or sometimes Toyota My Finance. It's available through the car company's self-service My Toyota hub – which displays service history details and provides journey planning functions among others. It's been around since 2016 and broadly allows drivers to communicate with the brand easily and securely.

My Finance allows drivers funding their car through Toyota's PCP or HP schemes to stay on top of their finance requirements.

The secure website and app lets Toyota drivers view details of their finance agreement, make payments, update their address or bank details, request changes to the payment date and source a settlement figure via a computer, tablet or through Apple and Android smartphone apps.

Not only that, but My Finance also has a secure messaging platform that means you can contact Toyota Financial Services at your leisure. Remember, if you have any questions about your finance agreement, Toyota Financial Services are there to answer them.

How do I pay My Toyota financial service?

> From the menu bar, select 'my agreements'

> Select 'agreement details'

> Click 'make a payment'

> You can now pay the next instalment, settle the agreement in full, or pay another amount

How do I view My Toyota financial services finance agreement and request a settlement figure?

> From the menu bar, select 'my agreements'

> Select 'agreement details' to see a full breakdown of your transaction history. Or you can 'view statements' in the library tab

> To request a settlement figure, click 'request settlement figure' on the homepage. This is helpful if you want to pay off the finance early and keep the car, if you want a new car, or if your car has been written off

> From here you'll see the settlement figure and can make the payment

What does Toyota say about it?

The managing director of Toyota Financial Services, Doug Gillies, told parkers: 'My Finance is proving to be very successful. (Back in 2016) if you looked at our industry there wasn't to our knowledge a truly online-capable motor finance company. So this was a bit of an industry first.'

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