Murray Scullion

Murray Scullion

Finance Editor, Parkers

Murray Scullion has been writing professionally about cars since 2012, and turned full-time in 2014. His love of all-things-four-wheeled goes back to when Michael Schumacher won his first Formula 1 World Championship and the Mk1 Mazda MX-5 was still in showrooms.

Murray has a BA in Journalism from the University of Derby and spent the formative years of his writing career working for classic car magazines, before making the switch to modern car writing in 2017.

He has contributed to Classic Car Weekly, Modern Classics, and others before becoming Parkers' Finance Editor in 2019. Today, his work is mostly found on and Although his name crops up elsewhere in newspapers, magazines, and bookazines.

Career highlights include interviewing major motoring celebs like Sir Jackie Stewart, driving an Austin Allegro to Belgium and back, and breaking various news stories.

Finance is imperative in the car world, according to Murray. He says: 'finance is the single most important thing when you're choosing your next car. The great thing about being the finance editor is that I can provide information that is useful to car buyers who are looking for a helping hand.'

A slew of interesting cars have taken up space on Murray's drive, garden and street throughout the years, although his favourite was his Mk1 MX-5. He owned it for five years, drove it around the world-famous Nurburgring, and sometimes misses it. Murray also loves hot-hatchbacks and electric cars.

Outside of the motoring world, Murray enjoys travel, photography, and reading. His favourite destination is Havana (or maybe New York), most-used camera is a Canon 6D, and most-thumbed book is Alan Sillitoe's Saturday Night & Sunday Morning

Murray is currently running a Suzuki Swift as a long-term test car.

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