Honda Civic Type R offered in more stealthy or extreme versions

  • Sport Line offers all the power with less divisive looks
  • Limited Edition looks even more extreme
  • Which version do you prefer?

Honda just expanded its Civic Type R range by two whole models. In addition to the recently facelifted Type R GT, hot-hatch connoisseurs will now be able to pick between a stealthier Type R Sport Line, and an even more aggressive Type R Limited Edition.

Power is the unchanged for the two models, but the Sport Line dials down the original car’s styling: it makes do with grey 19-inch alloys, black seats – and there’s also a slimmer, low-profile wing at the back. The red pinstripe around the car has been changed to grey, too.

As you’d expect, the Limited Edition doubles down on the Type R’s aggressive side. Featuring a black bonnet-mounted air-intake, forged 20-inch BBS wheels and Michelin Cup 2 rubber, the Limited Edition Type R also gets recalibrated dampers and steering to exploit its extra grip.

2020 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition interior

In total, 47kg has been shaved from the standard Type R’s weight, and in the cabin, you’ll find the infotainment has been sacrificed for some of the weight savings. Only 100 of the Limited Edition will be made, but 20 are coming to the UK.

If you miss out, we don’t think this will be your last chance to pick up an extreme Type R. Parkers understands that a changing hot-hatch market means Honda will probably stick with this three-pronged approach.

What this means for you

Consumers now have more choice, which is usually a good thing. Previously, the Type R was deemed ‘a bit much’ style wise by many. So the toned down approach of the Sport Line will appease these people. Whereas, people who really want to turn the Type R to 11, can try and get their hands on the Limited Edition model.

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2020 Honda Civic Type R Sport Line