Ford suspends Kuga PHEV sales and charging amid safety fears

  • If you've bought a Kuga PHEV you need to stop charging it
  • And also stop using it in EV mode
  • Sales of pre-June 2020 Kugas suspended

Ford Kuga (2020) front view

Ford has issued a statement explaining that it is temporarily suspending the sale and charging of Ford Kuga PHEVs built before 26 June 2020, as they are affected by an emergency safety recall.

Ford has initiated a safety recall of all affected Kuga PHEV with customers to update them and are asking customers currently driving one of these vehicles not to charge the high voltage drive battery of their Kuga PHEV, and to use the vehicle only in the 'EV Auto' – the vehicle’s default drive mode – until an update has been made.

In a statement issued to Kuga owners, the company stated: 'We have identified a potential issue with the overheating of the high voltage drive battery, which in certain circumstances could possibly result in a fire in the battery area.  The overheating can occur when the vehicle is parked and unattended or is charged.'

As well as Ford advising customers to contact their dealer for the rework to be carried out, Ford has said that parts are scheduled to be available this month for dealers to order and receive delivery as soon as possible after.

What this means for you

Obviously if you've not heard from Ford directly or your dealer, and you own a Kuga PHEV, then we recommend you get in touch immediately to find out whether you're affected by this fault. Until you have confirmed either way, we recommend you don't charge up your Kuga or run it on battery at all.

A Ford spokesperson said: 'We recognise the inconvenience caused to our customers, but remain committed to addressing potential issues and responding quickly.'

If your Kuga has one of these, get in touch with your dealer immediately