Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice: MoT testing stations remain open

  • MoTs tests are continuing in Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • It's unlikely that there will be a second MoT extension
  • Test centres busy as they clear backlog from last lockdowns

MoT testing continues on cars during COVID-19 pandemic

England is now under tough new measures to arrest the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). With it there is a tough set of measures that fall under Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4 depending on location – but at this stage there is no indication that the government is set to suspend MoT testing during this time.

Unlike the first national lockdown earlier in 2020, no MoT test exemption has been announced, nor is it likely to be. So, although new car showrooms are closed in some areas, MoT testing centres will be allowed to keep operating. We have spoken to several testers who have confirmed that they won't be closing throughout the second period of restrictions.

What happened in the first lockdown?

All cars, vans and motorcycles that required an MoT test after 30 March 2020 were given an automatic six-month extension of their expiry date, and were okay to drive on the road as long the car was kept in 'roadworthy' condition. The extension remained in place until the end of July 2020, with all vehicle owners due an MoT still receiving their six-month exemption.

With the exemption lifted in August, drivers were encouraged to book a test in advance to ensure vehicles are in a roadworthy condition. However, as restrictions eased test centres were soon swamped by a backlog of tests that had been postponed throughout the lockdown.

Only some garages remained open to conduct essential services during the coronavirus outbreak, but more were opened second time around as social distancing measures have been introduced across the board. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has also issued guidance to all MoT testers about safely conducting tests in line with the latest Government advice.

What this means for you

If your car runs out of MoT in the next few weeks, try and book a test early to avoid potentially running out. But as garages have introduced a policy of social distancing and are remaining open, there is no reason not to get your car MoT'd.

If you are still driving on an extended MoT from the first lockdown, you won't have any worries about being prosecuted for having a lapsed ticket, as these are still valid, potentially up to January 2021. We would recommend that you keep an eye on your tyres, brakes and other essential safety systems.

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MoT testing continues on cars during COVID-19 pandemic