Mercedes enables in-car payments with fingerprint tech

  • Buy from your car
  • From next year in the UK
  • In partnership with Visa

Mercedes-Benz drivers will be able to make purchases for fuel, parking, and other services and goods, through the MBUX connectivity and infotainment suite from Spring next year.

Payments usually made through mobile devices, or manually on credit cards or with cash, will be able to be made through the vehicle's infotainment and connectivity suite, using Visa's fancy security technology.

The future

Taking one more step into the future, Daimler Mobility has formed a new partnership with transaction system provider, Visa to integrate in-car payments for goods and services. Fancy, albeit barely pronounceable, titles aside, the Cloud Token Framework and Delegated Authentication products are Visa's way of ensuring robust digital security for the consumer.

To use the payment services from the centre display screen, drivers will be required to use biometric 'fingerprint' technology to verify their identity. There will also be two-factor authentication to make sure drivers aren't unknowingly paying for random unauthorised transactions.

Mercedes in-car payments

What do the bosses say?

Deputy CEO of Visa Europe, Antony Cahill, said: 'This is a powerful example of how the world's leader in digital payments and the inventor of the automobile are able to combine their technologies to create the next generation of smart solutions for the automobility sector, providing the driver and passengers with a completely new in-car connected commerce experience.'

This new payment feature will be facilitated by Mercedes pay, a service from Daimler Mobility, a mobility and digitalisation business unit of Daimler Group. CEO of Daimler Mobility, Franz Reiner, explains: 'Mercedes pay is our competence centre for in-car payment. In partnership with Visa, Daimler aims to offer native in-car payments in a secure and user-friendly way.'

What this means for you

It broadly means that you'll be able to make in-car payments if you're signed up to Mercedes' latest all-singing all-dancing infotainment system. In the short-term, this might not make much of a difference to your life. But in the long-term, this is the first step into cars becoming service providers and not just metal boxes to cart you around in.

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