Disco-tech: new 2017 Land Rover Discovery in pictures

  • First pictures of new family Land Rover
  • It's the fifth-generation Discovery
  • See it at the 2016 Paris motor show
  • You're looking at the new 2017 Land Rover Discovery - the family-friendly off-roader that's now entering its fifth generation.

    The Disco has become a firm favourite with rural dwellers, farmers and families with the need to lug around up to seven people and their luggage in four-wheel drive comfort.

    Only two photographs of the new Discovery have been issued by Land Rover, ahead of its world debut later in September 2016 at the Paris motor show. The burnt orange car pictured reveals a modern Land Rover look, with something of the Evoque about its narrow headlamps and shallow, sporting radiator grille.

    So what do we know about the 2017 Land Rover Discovery?

    Not a huge amount yet. Land Rover has issued just two solitary frontal views of the newcomer and will release more details in the run-up to the Paris show.

    However, we know that the SUV will remain faithful to Disco bloodline, which stretches back to 1989 (see the family tree below). 

    Five generations of Land Rover Discovery

    It will remain a proper off-roader, with hardcore four-wheel drive hardware and seven seats designed to accommodate full-sized adults, not just kids - despite the newfound style, which places it somewhat closer to the Range Rover Sport spectrum than the old-school Defender charm of old.

    No official prices or dates have been released yet, but Parkers understands that the new Discovery will go on sale in early 2017 costing a small premium over the outgoing model.

    That points to a starting price of between £45,000-£50,000, justified by the new aluminium-intensive construction which is designed to shave off the excess weight which pushed up the fuel economy and CO2 emissions of its flabby, 2.7-tonne predecessor.

    Land Rover Vision Discovery concept car: the stylistic influence

    If you can't wait until the end of September to see the new Discovery in full, check out the Vision concept car from April 2014 (the standalone silver car pictured below and in our gallery).

    It portrays closely what you can expect from the new full-sized family off-roader - right down to some of the clever tech we're expecting to see onboard, including waterproof, wipe-clean leather upholstery, seats that tumble into picnic tables and even electronic gadgets that'll help you ford a river.

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    Land Rover's Vision Discovery concept car