Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

Forward visibility is good but small wing mirrors and a limited rear screen mean that rear visibility isn’t great, though it’s not a cause for concern as the C2 is so small. The cabin doesn’t feel particularly sophisticated and there are plenty of low rent plastics on show, but the design is neat. There’s a large digital speedo, which means you always know the exact speed you’re travelling, while the rev counter is a funky-style gauge.

The steering wheel adjusts for height only (there’s no reach adjustment) so finding a good driving position isn’t always easy.

The C2 is really only ideal as a two-seater for the majority of the time as space in the back is very tight making the rear chairs only suitable for short journeys or young children. On the plus side, the seats do slide independently of each other for extra legroom and are reasonably comfortable. The chairs are a little thin and lack support on longer trips while on the road, there is noticeable road noise – although wind and engine noise are reasonably low.