Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Unusually for a car like this, the Nemo has a height adjustable driver’s seat along with height and reach adjustable steering, so finding a good driving position is straightforward. The interior is well put together, but it’s dominated by rather drab plastics and has a utilitarian appearance, rather than an inviting feel. Some of the plastics used feel a little cheap too, while features such as the exposed metal on the doors remind you that this is based on a van.

But the controls and switches are all easy to use and the instrument dials simple to read.

Despite its compact size, the Nemo Multispace has decent interior space, helped by the high roof which means there’s excellent head room, even for those in the back. The rear seats are comfortable enough but they lack support which is noticeable on long journeys. Leg room is a little tight too, especially if the front seats are slid all the way back, which is likely if the front passengers are six-foot or taller.

Disappointingly air conditioning isn’t standard either, but on the plus side, there’s little wind or road noise and neither engine is particularly intrusive, so cruising at 70mph is fairly serene. The ride could be better though. It deals well with small imperfections, but never seems to settle and struggles to iron out uneven or bumpy roads.