Poll: would you use a driverless car?

  • Cars that drive themselves are on the way
  • Mercedes and Volvo systems coming soon
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Driverless cars are coming. Of that there’s absolutely no argument. In fact, some have already hit the roads. Google has been using them to map certain areas of the USA, proving that the technology is not only there but operational too. The question is, though: would you use one?

According to a recent poll by road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists, 40 per cent of motorists would never consider using a driverless car. 65% wonder whether driverless cars are actually a good idea at all.

This hasn’t deterred the likes of safety specialists at Mercedes-Benz, who are constantly in search of the next automation to take the onus off the driver. Indeed, the next generation of S-Class is set to feature an autonomous steering system which will effectively mean – in conjunction with radar-guided cruise control and active lane-keeping assist – that the driver is pretty much redundant when travelling on the motorway. Unless you need to turn off or make over-taking manoeuvres, the car is going to be able to do everything for you.

We reported a few months ago about the Volvo project for self-driving cars, proving there’s more than just one manufacturer exploring this type of technology.

The advantages of a truly driverless car are fairly obvious. You’ll be able to work while travelling, won’t be so fatigued, are less likely to be involved in a crash and will know you’re always driving to the letter of the law.

IAM chief executive Simon Best reminds us that such cars are quite a way off: “The presence of driverless technology in every car is still many years away. In the meantime, more should be done immediately to improve driver standards and deal with the most common human errors through better training, as well as incentives by the government and insurance companies.

Of course technology has a huge role to play in road safety, but as long as there are cars on the road people will want to drive them. What we need to aim for is first class drivers operating first class vehicles.”

So, we'd like to know, what do you think about driverless cars? Vote in our poll below to let us know your thoughts.