Top low-tax convertibles

  • We pick our favourite low-tax convertibles
  • Cars have CO2 emissions as low as 95g/km
  • Monthly tax costs explained

Convertibles can be pretty hard to come by on user chooser lists. That's mainly because they traditionally come with higher emissions, limited practicality and expensive price tags.

Yes it is true that nine times out of ten comparable hatchbacks or saloons will be more economical and more practical, but this doesn’t mean a convertible should always be discounted.

Today’s drop-top generation are pretty impressive on paper. Here are some of our favourite low-tax convertibles which don't cost the world to run - so should help to convince your fleet manager that they are worth a look.

Audi A3 Cabriolet 1.4 TFSI Sport CoD

Why buy?

The Audi A3 Cabriolet is one of the best-driving convertibles around. It’s based on a tried-and-tested platform and in this case makes use of a very impressive engine. The 1.4-litre petrol has ‘Cylinder on Demand’ (or CoD) technology, meaning it can shut down two of its four cylinders when they’re not required, resulting in large-scale savings on tax and fuel economy.

Parkers rating: 4 stars

List price: £26,960

Roof opens in: 18 seconds

CO2 emissions:  114g/km

Monthly tax*: £67.40

Boot size: 287 litres

Citroen DS3 Cabriolet DStyle 1.6 e-HDi Airdream

Why buy?

Although Citroen calls it a cabriolet, the DS3 does have an advantage over conventional drop-tops in that it retains the frame of the roof, which not only means the car remains as rigid as the hard-top version so handles just as well, but it can be opened at speeds over 70mph when required too.

Parkers rating: 4 stars

List price: £17,880

Roof opens in: 16 seconds

CO2 emissions:  95g/km

Monthly tax*:  £44.70

Boot size: 245 litres

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 1.6TDI BlueMotion Tech SE

Why buy?

The Volkswagen Golf is a popular choice for company car drivers and is renowned for its low running costs, low CO2 emissions and overall driving performance. In Cabriolet form the Golf still looks pretty impressive on paper with 117g/km of CO2 and an official combined fuel economy of 64.2mpg. The SE trim also offers plenty of kit with air-con, Bluetooth, climate control, 17-inch alloy wheels and climate control among the highlights.

The roof opens in a sprightly 9.5 seconds - the best of our list here - and can be operated at speeds up to 18mph.

Parkers rating: 4 stars

List price: £24,100

Roof opens in: 9.5 seconds

CO2 emissions:  117g/km

Monthly tax*: £76.32

Boot size: 250 litres

Vauxhall Cascada SE 2.0 CDTi

Why buy?

While it’s based on the Astra’s under-pinnings, Vauxhall goes to great lengths to tell anyone who’ll listen that this is a completely different car. The Cascada aims to take on the Audi A5, and while it’s certainly not as premium, it doesn’t cost as much either. Thanks to efficient diesel power it’s not completely outrageous to tax, either.

Parkers rating: 3 stars

List price: £25,895

Roof opens in: 17 seconds

CO2 emissions: 138g/km

Monthly tax*: £99.26

Boot size: 380 litres (roof up)

BMW 4 Series Convertible 420d SE Auto

Why buy?

The recently launched 4 Series Convertible is a mightily impressive machine. It’s based upon the new 3 Series, so you can assume it drives pretty well. It’s got a decent amount of kit installed too, and in 420d configuration the emissions are low enough to make it a realistic proposition.

Parkers rating: 4 stars

P11d price: £38,045

Roof opens in: 20 seconds

CO2 emissions: 127g/km

Monthly tax*: £126.82

Boot size: 220 litres

*Company car tax is calculated using 2014/15 tax thresholds and assumes no optional extras. It is worked out on the 20 percent pay scale.