8 reasons why the Mercedes-Benz E-Class could be your next company car

  • Is the new E-Class the perfect company car?
  • Here are eight reasons why we love this new executive saloon
  • Neat details make for a great driving environment

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a perenially popular business car, with over 13 million sold over multiple generations.  With the 2016 saloon having just landed in the UK, we've put together eight features that we think will make this Mercedes a great company car.

1. Smooth engine and gearbox combination

The new 2.0-litre diesel engine that replaces the ageing 2.1-litre unit may not be a prodigious powerplant, but it’s smooth, quiet when cruising and actually sounds quite pleasant for a diesel.

Mercedes E class engine

The nine-speed gearbox changes gears seamlessly too and makes the E-Class a relaxing and vibration-free drive.

2. Smooth operator: touch control pads on the steering wheel

Those familiar with a Blackberry trackpad on their phone will instantly feel at home with the touch-control buttons fitted on the E-Class’s steering wheel.

Mercedes E class steering

Ushering in smooth navigation on the move, the left pad navigates the menus on the centre dash screen while the right caters for the driver’s instrument cluster. Changing tracks is simply a thumb-flick away.

3. Night-time driving environment

The E-Class was traditionally the most straight-laced model within the Mercedes range and its interior was a prime example of being designed with function in mind over flair.

Mercedes E class night dash

This time though, with design influences from the luxurious S-Class, the ambience is a great leap forward with a well-judged mix of materials, circular vents and sweeping lines dressed with ambient lighting. It's one classy cabin, especially at night time.

4. Designated key holder

Not a life-changing feature, but this suggests the attention to detail Mercedes invested in the cabin of the E-Class. With a designated place to live, it stopped us throwing the key in a random cupholder/cubby and enduring it clunking around while driving.

Mercedes E class key holder

It also stops those moments when you have to sift through numerous clothing pockets after forgetting where you put it.

5. Pulsing starter button

Mercedes E class starter button

Perhaps not the most functional feature, but this brings a small dose of personality to what is usually the sombre interior we’re used to seeing in a typical E-Class.

6. Clever LED headlights

With the automatic high-beam function fitted on our test car, switching from dipped beam to high beam switches on all 84 individual LEDs in individual stages. Not only can this enable individual areas of the road surface to illuminate, but it can actively dim specific LEDs when it detects other vehicles to prevent dazzling them.

Mercedes E class headlight

This function comes with the 'MULTIBEAM LED Intelligent Light System' as part of the optional £3,895 Premium Plus package, which also includes lights that turn as you steer round corners.

7. Bonus miles indicator

Mercedes E class dial

Switch the driver’s instrumentation cluster to the ECO-display mode and it will total up the number of miles you’ve managed to add to your fuel range every journey thanks to your economical driving skills. This makes for an easy game on those more arduous journeys.

8. Driver’s seat: four-way lumbar support

Mercedes E class front seats

Height-adjustable lumbar support is standard on AMG Line models and brings that ultimate driving position one step closer. You can treat your lower spine to greater comfort on those longer journeys.

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