Lawrence Cheung

Lawrence Cheung

Senior Staff Writer

Lawrence has been writing for Parkers since 2016 and contributes to sister site CAR. Previous contributions include Carwow and Auto Express.

'Driving various cars that will put a smile on my face is one of the best perks in this job. You can tell if one's particularly good as my punctuality suffers and I've had to refill the tank at the petrol station more times than normal.

Modern motors have never been as complicated as they are today, so as Parkers' technical man, we aim to strip through all the fuss and PR spin to tell you how it really is. Finding unnecessarily complicated and distracting gadgets on cars is a pet peeve.'

Lawrence is currently running a Mazda 3 SkyActiv-X hatchback as his long-termer, with previous ones being:
Audi Q3
Peugeot 308 GTi
Citroen C3
DS 3 Cabrio
Ford Fiesta Black Edition
Volkswagen Golf GT