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How to beat the £25 London ULEZ charge - change your diesel now

  • Ultra Low Emission Zone tax set for 2019
  • Diesel company car drivers could be affected
  • Driving in central London to attract £25 charge

Drivers of diesel company cars registered before September 2015 might be charged a £12.50 daily rate to enter a large part of the capital from 2019.

If confirmed, the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) will also apply to central London, meaning affected vehicles will attract a £25 levy for going into the heart of the capital once the Congestion Charge has been taken into account.

Who will be affected?

Anyone who has a diesel company car which fails to meet Euro 6 emissions standards and is not set to be replaced before 2019. This means that all pre-September 2015 diesel cars could be affected by the £12.50 levy. A petrol-engined car in comparison has to meet Euro 4 emissions standards, generally applying to those after 2005.

Some cars sold before this date were Euro 6 compliant, however, and as such will be exempt from the charge. To find out if your car qualifies, contact the manufacturer of your car.

Find out if my car will be affected by the new rules

The extended ULEZ has a proposed introduction date of 2021, and will stretch as far out as the North Circular and South Circular roads.

Also note that as of October 2017, Pre-Euro 4 vehicles will be liable for an additional £10 charge for entering the existing London Congestion Zone. However, this only applies to much older pre-2006 vehicles.

What should I do if my car doesn’t comply to Euro 6 standards?

First of all, click here to double check at the Vehicle Certification Agency. This will confirm whether your vehicle is Euro 6 compliant or otherwise.

If it definitely isn’t, consider how often you drive into London and whether it’s enough to warrant replacing your company car early.

If it is, approach your fleet manager and let them know that you’re considering an early change in preparation for the expected ULEZ expansion in 2019.

Will there be any exemptions?

All residents living in the ULEZ will be granted a three-year sunset period with a 100% discount until October 2021 – provided they have registered with TfL.

Vehicles that have a 'disabled' or 'disabled passenger vehicle' tax class will also be granted the same exemption until 26 October 2025, provided their vehicle doesn't change tax group. UK-registered vehicles do not need to be registered with TfL, but those registered outside the UK do.

Unless the vehicle meets the ULEZ emissions standards, Blue Badge holders will need to pay the charge from 8 April 2019.  Find out more here.

London-licensed taxis are exempt and are subject to a 15-year age limit.