Parkers overall rating: 3.2 out of 5 3.2

The Parkers VerdictShould you buy a Dacia Logan MCV Stepway?

If you need the maximum space at the lowest price, the regular Dacia Logan MCV is a really good bet. The best, in fact, for the money. But the Stepway model offers no extra ability, yet costs a lot more – and we can’t possibly see why you’d need to opt for it over the regular model.

The rugged styling brought along by the raised ride height and black plastic cladding will undoubtedly appeal to some, but even with that one can’t say that the Logan MCV is an attractive or desirable car.

It has its good points – both of its engines provide low running costs, the load space is still cavernous and it should prove trusty and hard-wearing. It’s also still very cheap by the standards of the class, with top-spec models still being cheaper to buy than a base-spec Ford Fiesta. However, the last-generation technology in use – particularly the old-fashioned engines and low-rent interior – mean that the Logan MCV is better cross-shopped with slightly used examples of more premium cars.

Taken alongside a two-year-old Golf, for example, the Logan MCV Stepway begins to look like poor value.

Still, if your heart’s set on a new model and the space, running costs and brand mentality of Dacia appeals to you, the Logan MCV Stepway isn’t a terrible car – just one that feels as though it’s been pushed upmarket more than its humble roots can justify. We’d recommend test-driving a regular Logan MCV before you take the plunge, to decide whether you can live without the Stepway tweaks. We reckon you’ll be able to.

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