Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The SRT-10 (SRT stands for Street and Racing Technology) is a great lump of an engine and at 8.3 litres is able to provide 500bhp. The enormous pulling power available doesn’t end there. At least 90% of its torque is available from 1500rpm, but on the road it doesn’t feel that fast initially. The heavy clutch and cumbersome gear lever take some getting used to, while the accelerator pedal has an exceptionally long travel which helps drive the car more smoothly at lower speeds.

Keep your foot down as the revs rise past 2000rpm and acceleration takes a savage turn -the engine note rising and the side exhausts bellowing. The SRT-10 supposedly does 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds (presumably by someone who is well practised with the heavy clutch and gearchange), and is thought to run on to 190mph. The brakes work very well, never giving any cause for concern over their stopping power.

With its long bonnet, low roof and wide body, the SRT-10 feels like a big car – but it is actually shorter than a Ford Focus saloon. The only pre-emptive safety feature here is ABS: the SRT-10 has neither traction control nor electronic stability control. However, the generous tyres provide plenty of grip, even on wet roads, although it won’t take much provocation to cause them to break traction.

So it’s a car for enthusiasts with a certain degree of skill given that there isn’t the ‘safety net’ of traction control or stability control should things get out of hand. However, the steering is pretty sharp and precise, and as long as you take the slow-in-fast-out approach to corners, the car should provide an enjoyable drive.