Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

White-faced dials give the SRT-10 a sporty feel, but if you’ve driven a Jeep Cherokee (2001 on) you might have noticed that the audio system and air vents inside look familiar and dated. To find them in a £70,000 sports car you could be forgiven for feeling a little short-changed. The dashboard top is made of a soft-touch material, but the exposed bolts and hard plastics elsewhere look cheap.

Visibility is acceptable with the roof down, bearing in mind the car is left-hand drive, but manoeuvring around car parks becomes a chore with the roof up. On the plus side the driver’s seat is manually adjustable and the pedals can be adjusted electrically.

The SRT-10 comes with electric windows, air-conditioning, and leather and suede seats. However, the seat adjustment and roof are manually operated, and the cabin is rather snug for quite a wide car. No lumbar support is available, and noise levels can become high under hard acceleration. At full throttle the engine note becomes merely noisy, rather than loud and appealing.

Other high-performance cars with V10 engines sound rather more cultured.