Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The Spider has the same well thought-out driving position as its coupe sibling, which means plenty of adjustment in the electric driver’s seat, though the steering column does not adjust as much as you might expect. However, finding the right driving position is easy, while the ventilation and stereo controls are simple and clear. Build quality is top rate inside the 360, with no creaks or squeaks from the open body.

The only major criticism is the roll-over hoops and their covers which all but obliterate rear visibility.

With the roof in place, the Spider has just as much headroom as the coupe model and getting in and out is just as straightforward, if you can say this of a low-slung supercar. There’s plenty of space for driver and passenger, while dropping the roof requires nothing more than the press of a button. The steeply raked windscreen directs most of the wind straight over the cabin and there’s not much buffeting inside the car – thanks to a wind deflector that sits between the roll hoops.

On chillier days, effective heating still allows for open-top fun even if there are no heated seats as standard.